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Stu Kelly Podcast #7 – What a Day! February 9, 2008

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….. slight change of pace and tack this time. a mate of mine has his own music blog, http://triplejaysus.com/wpress/ , and asked me to do a mix for him and his site. So in an effort to step a bit outside my normal deep and tech house bubble I put this mix together. It’s not a million miles away from my usual stuff but certainly a notch downtempo and has quite a variety of sounds in there.

stu kelly podcast #7 – What a Day!


special mix for http://triplejaysus.com/wpress/

triplejaysus intro – talking loud
1. ben mono – beatbox
2. jay shepheard – song for mikledore
3. outlines – listen to the drums
4. roman bruderer & serafin – the move
5. lukas greenberg – what a day
6. mymy – bonus jack
7. deepchild – for a reason
8. basic soul unit – dancing in my mind
9. justus kohncke – parage
10. upz – rok da funk
11. quentin harris – power of love (ain’t nothing but a party mix)
12. mood II swing – passin time (main mix)
13. metro area – orange alert
14. still going – still going theme



1. Garvan - February 11, 2008

Contrats on the new blog fella. Thanks for the great mix for triplejaysus.com. The feedback has been great – but for some reason people email rather than leave comments.
Incidently, the download stats for ‘What a day!” are close to four figures! About 20 new downloads a day I reckon…..
Keep up the stellar work you schtaaar!

2. Garvan - February 11, 2008

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